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Sudzz FX Zenyth Frizz Eliminater

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Sudzz FX Zenyth Brilliance is a Frizz Eliminator that smoothes, seals, shine, and polishes your hair. Go from dull to dazzling with this alcohol-free, light, non-oily polishing restorative with deep-down conditioning and protective power. An infusion of micro-encapsulated FXulites® including an extraordinary non-sticky form of honey works wonders on your hair. Brings out hair’s natural beauty and silkiness. Zenyth also offers powerful protection against the damaging UV rays of the sun. Even the most dried out, frizzed out, and starved hair is restored, soothed, smoothed, and brilliant.
Suggested Usage
On damp hair–apply pea-sized amount into your palm. Rub hands and spread throughout damp hair. Layer styling products over initial application.

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