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Sudzz FX Enhance Daily Conditioner

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Sudzz FX Enhance Sustain Conditioner is a hydracidic nourishing treatment for all hair types. Everyone needs daily nourishment—so does your hair. Enhance is ideal for maintaining and restoring the youthful beauty to hair that has been stressed by chemical processing and the environment. This ultra-light formula with FXulites® soothes and restores. Unlike other daily conditioners, Enhance leaves the hair refreshed and buoyant, never weighed down or limp. You’ll love how Enhance eliminates tangles, adds amazing body, dazzling shine, silky soft smoothness and stylability to your hair.

THE FXULITES® POTENT REPARATIVE COMPLEX: A proprietary precision blending of multi benefit ingredients that reduce damage to the hair fiber, working synergistically with a nourishing, strengthening, hydrating and protective cocktail of proteins and natural botanicals that add to the remarkable results you can achieve.
Suggested Usage
Cleanse with the SUDZZ FX cleansing treatment for your hair type. After cleansing, towel blot to remove excess water from hair. Apply a small amount of Enhance and comb through to distribute evenly throughout hair. Rinse thoroughly after 30 seconds.

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