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Sudzz FX Aquafix Hydrating Conditioner

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Sudzz Fx AquaFix Hydrating Conditioner is the ultimate hydrating conditioner for extremely dry, moisture-starved hair. This light, yet powerful formula is rich in FXulites Complex that restores your hair and defends against daily environmental stresses. Aqua Fix detangles, hydrates, and smoothes. ColourFix3 Complex helps provide maximum protection against color loss, ensuring colour longevity. Adding moisture without adding weight is finally possible!

Sudzz FX AquaFix Moisture Treatment gives deep hydration for dry deficient hair. Chemical treatments, heated styling implements, environmental factors, all contribute to upsetting the hair’s delicate moisture balance. The result is dull, lifeless, brittle and generally unmanageable hair. Rich with penetrating FXulites® that slowly release their moisturizing and smoothing properties in response to the hair’s needs, Aquafix targets moisture deficiencies deep in the hair shaft. This lightweight formula also contains nature’s own honey in a breakthrough non-sticky form that goes right to the heart of problem hair to soothe, smooth and restore. Leaves hair dazzling with renewed brilliance and manageability.

THE FXULITES® POTENT REPARATIVE COMPLEX: A proprietary precision blending of multi benefit ingredients that reduce damage to the hair fiber, Working synergistically with a nourishing, strengthening, hydrating and protective cocktail of proteins and natural botanicals that add to the remarkable results you can achieve.
Suggested Usage
Cleanse with the SUDZZ FX cleansing treatment for your hair type. After cleansing, towel blot to remove excess water from hair. Apply ample amount of Aquafix and comb through to distribute evenly throughout hair. Rinse after 2 minutes.

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