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Deva Curl B'Leave-in 6 oz

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DevaCurl B' Leave-In Moisture Supplement is a leave-in conditioner that's infused with specially selected botanicals and enriching proteins. B'leave in delivers maximum moisture, vitality and brillance to your precious locks. Devacurl B'Leave-In Treatment should be used as a 24-48 hour hair moisturizer to maintain luster. Ideal for all types.
After rinsing DevaCurl One Condition from the hair, tilt head forward with your hands. Gently scrunch hair to remove excess water. Evenly distrubute a generous amount of B'Leave In between both hands and in an upward spring motion apply B'Leave In to the ends first and then the scalp (if necessary). Follow with DevaCurl Angell and DevaCurl Set It Free to style the hair.

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